Muscle therapy is used to treat muscle issues such as aches and pains. It typically utilizes practices such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and corrective exercise in order to ensure that your body is operating at peak performance.

Muscle therapy acknowledges that the body operates as an entire unit, with each part operating for a certain individual good, but together nonetheless. This idea translates into practice by recognizing that injuries or pains are not always directly caused by the area the pain is felt in. Meaning that issues in one part of the body often produce repercussions throughout other, usually nearby muscular systems.

Injuries and nagging pains are usually a buildup of a number of things, muscular therapy takes this into account and excellent practitioners of muscular therapy take their time to ensure a thorough diagnosis of the problem at hand. In other words, they work to find the root cause of the problem instead of treating individual symptoms, which is increasingly common in traditional medicine today. The treatment of symptoms rather than their cause leads to numerous doctor trips and a frustrating cycle of recurring aches and pains.

Muscular therapy stands to treat what actually needs to be treated. Professionals are trained to look beyond the symptoms you may be presenting to find what is causing them.

Here at Panther Functional Medicine and Chiropractic, this is one of our specialties. We take great pride in our work addressing the fibrotic/scar tissue in every patient, and ensuring that everyone receives above adequate attention during each visit. Whether it is working with ultrasound, cold laser, or manual therapy with our two specialized massage therapists, we can deliver the absolute best treatment available to our patients.

This kind of holistic functional therapy offers a thorough method of treatment which has the patient in mind, not the profits of the practice administering treatment. Patients of muscular therapy often see much greater results in treating both chronic and acute pains than from traditional medicine.

These root causes, or trigger points are often addressed through massage, a highly effective hands on approach which can greatly alleviate pain you never thought would go away.

The various aspects of muscular therapy work together to help push you towards your peak performance level. Whether it is on a sports field, or in the backyard, this therapy addresses problems where they need to be addressed so that you can live a life without muscle pain.

It is of great importance that you choose the right provider of muscular therapy to ensure the best possible outcomes. Panther Functional Medicine and Chiropractic will ensure that you are literally in the best of hands while treating your aches and pains through our various forms of highly effective, and highly personalized muscle therapy treatment.

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