Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most commonly diagnosed disorders. For as often as it is diagnosed, it also goes undiagnosed quite frequently as well. It’s a disorder that is often treated with drugs like Ritalin, or Adderall, but there are other options out there.

Attack the Root of Your ADHD

Functional medicine is oftentimes touted as the future of medicine. It focuses on attacking the root of your symptom rather than the symptom itself. This means that rather than using a prescription drug functional medicine practitioners will work to understand the root of the ADHD.

Know the Alternatives to Prescription Drugs

It could be easy to just accept that you, or your child is going to suffer from ADHD, and opt for the prescription. However, wouldn’t you want to know what triggers the ADHD? There are many factors out there that could be causing ADHD.

Food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity, fatty acid deficiency, amino acid imbalances, methylation dysfunction and intestinal issues are just a few of the triggers that can cause ADHD. It’s also worth noting that children who suffer from ADHD typically have more ear infections. These are all warning signs, but what are your options for managing your ADHD?

The Functional Medicine Approach Towards Attacking ADHD

The functional medicine approach examines all of you symptoms and takes into account information from numerous studies. Their approach is based more on nutrition and allergy than on diagnosing and writing a prescription.

As a parent or even someone who has been suffering through ADHD, it’s a great idea to explore all of your options before relying on a prescription to manage your symptoms. It’s also much healthier to attack disorders naturally.

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