Functional medicine isn’t exactly a new concept. It’s been around for years. As the practice continues to grow it’s fair to ask is functional medicine the future of healthcare?

Conventional medicine and functional medicine will continue to exist as part of the world’s healthcare practices for years to come. As time goes on more and more people are realizing the outstanding benefits of functional medicine. However, no matter how impressive functional medicine is, there will always be a need for some form of conventional medicine.

The most obvious reason why conventional healthcare will always exist is money. Think about all of the money the pharmaceutical industry generates. If all conventional medication went away the economy would collapse. Albeit as medicine continues to evolve and technology continues to advance there is great opportunity in functional medicine both medically and for the economy.

This shift has to be gradual, and many would say it’s already taking place. Natural medicine is on the rise and gaining popularity. Functional medicine is at the forefront of this shift. People are beginning to realize its benefits and are ditching conventional medicine practices to take a functional medicine approach.

Functional medicine works to find the root of chronic issues such as heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, infertility, depression and anxiety. The symptoms tell us something, but the root of the problem tells us everything. Functional medicine is all about finding the root of the issue and developing plans to alleviate what’s at the root of the problem, and by balancing the body and making the body more healthy over time the chronic issue subsides. This isn’t done through a magic pill.

The biggest hurdle holding functional medicine back is many people have never heard the term, or if they have they have no idea what it means. If you go see your cardiologist about your high blood pressure levels he will likely prescribe you a pill to take each day to control those levels. Sure, he might tell you to make a few changes to your diet and lose some weight, but ultimately you have high blood pressure, which is a very serious disease that has grave consequences. It’s important to work with a functional medicine practitioner who will work with your PCP or specialist to manage these conditions. Together, over time, you will find the root of the problem and work to reduce or eliminate the pills.

Hypertension is just one example. So many people are so used to managing symptoms the way they always have. This usually involves some over the counter medicine, or an antibiotic from a doctor. Too many people are focused on their symptoms and how to eliminate them quickly, rather than getting the body healthy over time.

Oftentimes these pills are doing more harm than good for our long-term health. The effects of taking ibuprofen each day does much more damage to our bodies, more specifically our digestive system than good. The digestive system is the key to your immune system, which is the key to your overall health. In many cases, functional medicine is more effective and certainly safer in the long run, than conventional medicine.

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