Functional medicine is certainly different than the traditional medicine path. Taking a functional medicine approach towards many common ailments, aches and pains requires you to look into the root of the problem rather than just one or two symptoms.

Managing Lyme with Functional Medicine

Based on Lyme disease as a whole, a functional medicine approach might not be the first that comes to mind, considering in most cases we know the root of the symptoms is a bacteria. However, functional medicine is not just an approach to managing chronic illnesses like Lyme disease. It should be the approach.

Focus on the Baseline

One of the ways functional medicine practitioners attack Lyme disease is by resetting the baseline. Sure, getting rid of the bacteria is crucial, but it’s not necessarily the first step in most cases. The first thing functional medicine practitioners want to do is to control the inflammation, decrease immune dysregulation and reduce auto-immune activation. Once this is done the body is reset, thus creating a new baseline.

The next step is evaluating the true impact of the disease. How does it affect all parts of the body and it’s overall health? After you find the source you can then attempt to alleviate symptoms at the source while the body will begin ridding itself of the bacteria.

Healthy Gut, Healthy Body

Think of it this way. Anything you eat or drink must make its way through the digestive system. This means, the nicer you are to your stomach, the nicer it will be to you. Make sure you’re getting enough fiber. It’s also helpful to include vegetables and lean meats in your diet as well. All of these things will promote great gut health.

The biggest advantage to attacking the source of Lyme disease by going through the stomach is that the majority of your immune system is located there. When dealing with a chronic illness it’s extremely important to control the body’s immune system. Generally, the healthier your digestive system is, the healthier you are as a whole. This is why a functional medicine approach is key to attempting to alleviate chronic illnesses like Lyme disease.

Let Us Help

If you or someone you know suffers from a chronic illness such as Lyme disease, give us a call. Our team believes in the philosophy of functional medicine and is dedicated towards attacking the root of the problem, not just the symptoms. Don’t go another day without finding out if a functional medicine approach might be the one that helps you take control of your life.

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