Digestive health is the cornerstone of your body’s immune system. The better your digestive health, the stronger your immune system is. The stronger your immune system is, the healthier you are.

If you feel your digestive health is less than stellar, then chances are a functional medicine practitioner can help.

Functional medicine? What’s that? Well, we’re glad you asked. It’s an alternative to traditional medicine that focuses on the root cause of your issue rather than just the symptoms. For example, let’s say you have stomach issues often. You might be combatting those issues with a Tums or some Pepto-bismol. These medications might work great in the short term, but a few days later those symptoms may return.

A functional medicine approach aims to identify the root of the issue and then the practitioner develops a plan with goals of alleviating the issue. If your main issue is centered around your digestive system then it might be as simple as a diet change. However, it might be something different like a thyroid issue or a hormonal imbalance. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly what’s going on and where it’s coming from?

Digestive issues are more common than you think. It’s not exactly something people are open with. Not many conversations start with, “Everytime I drink coffee I…” or “I love wings but that heartburn just isn’t worth it anymore.”

There is a way to get past these digestive issues. Whether it’s a certain food that makes your stomach act up, or it just does it on its own, a functional medicine practitioner can get to the root of that issue. Not only will your digestive system improve, but so will your whole body.

The digestive system is the key to your overall health. If you find yourself getting sick more often than you feel you should, or you start noticing certain foods are making your stomach act up than chances are you have a digestive health issue. So often people ignore common colds, or stomach bugs and dismiss them as minor issues.

Digestive health is just like everything else. If you let minor issues go they can soon become major issues. If you have a leak in your tire and you fill it up with air every few days then you’re just masking the bigger issue. Get the tire patched before you need a whole new tire. The same goes for digestive health. Attack the source of the minor issue and your overall health should improve dramatically.

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Panther Chiropractic and Functional Medicine has been at the forefront of the functional medicine charge for years and is one of the only true functional medicine practices in the greater Pittsburgh area. If you suffer from a digestive issue or have any other chronic symptoms, give us a call. We’ll be happy to schedule a consultation.

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